OnenetPlace, Inc Wireless Connect Speeds from 1 megabit to 100 megabit up and down.


We have upgraded our facility with redundant transformers to add to our online all the time service. More...

Microsoft Silverlight
6:30 PM PST the sun is rising on the Nkorho Pan watering hole in South Africa, tune in. You can tune in before and watch our infrared feed. Live 24x7.

Wireless Provisioning

Forget those old T1 circuits. Go wireless. Serving Southern California.
Give a call or an email, see if you business location qualifies.

Give us a call Phone: 818 384 0435 or email


We setup the billing through our secure Gateway.
Suggested Plans. (All speeds are up to the noted speeds.Network conditions may effect actual speeds)
Premium .....10 Mb its Download 2 Mbits upload .....35.00 a month
Premium Plus 10 Mbits Download 5 Mbits upload .....39.95 a month
Extreme 20 Mbits download 10 Upload ................99.95 a month

Hot Spot Daily ...........8.95

All billing will be handled through our billing servers and processed by the secure servers at

The customer experience.
A client sees the network in the wifi networks from their computer.
When they connect, they will be asked to login if they all ready have an account.
If a new sign up, they will be directed to a signup page where they choose their preferred service
and pay with a credit card. They will also have a choice of Automatic monthly billing or a one time payment.
Once their payment has been accepted, they'll be online.

Customer Service
Network Live Support 818-384-0435

Refund Policy
If for some reason a customer pays for a month, but is unable to get on the network, and technical support is not able to remedy the situation, that customer will be given a full refund.

Cancellation Policy
A client may cancel an account at any time.
An email sent to requesting cancellation will be acted upon within 24 hours.
The Monthly fee will be prorated and the customer will be refunded the difference.