We have upgraded our facility with redundant transformers to add to our online all the time service. More...

Check out our Silverlight player streaming a live feed from Africa.
Microsoft Silverlight
6:30 PM PST the sun is rising on the Nkorho Pan watering hole in South Africa, tune in. You can tune in before and watch our infrared feed. Live 24x7.


Our data center sits right on top of the internet backbone.
We utilize state of the art equipment from Force 10 switches to Quad Core Xeon Servers.
Battery Back up -UPS.
On Site Generator on line within seven seconds of power failure.
Redundant Transformers.
Redundant Fiber Optic Lines.
Redundant Switches and routers.
Redundant Raid Drive arrays for data integrity.


Peering with Savvis, Cogent, XO, Level3.