Wireless Connectivity, 1 to 100 megabits per second upload and download available.
Servicing Southern California.

Need a test server to R&D your new project? We'll set you up on one of ours.

Flash Media Server 3.5
added to our media services. H.264 Streaming.
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Microsoft Silverlight

Adobe Flash Media Server

Streaming Video around the world.

10 Gig Fiber Connection to the backbone
Opening doors for Multimedia Internet Business.
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Developing cutting edge applications for internet and mobile.

How to get started.

We are able to pull streams from most ip video cameras as long as they are on a static ip address and rebroadcast the video through our streaming server array.
Encoders can also push a stream to us and we rebroadcast. Either way, we can have your streaming project online in minutes.
We handle streams from Windows Media Encoder, Expression Encoder and most flash encoder software.
We can archive your live content to our terabyte storage arrays for broadcast at a later time.